Nikki Santillana

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Since 2011, Nikki Santillana has worked with global fashion brands such as Bottega Veneta and Louis Vuitton, training business owners, creating marketing programs and building corporate marketing departments from the ground up. She has successfully conducted one-on-one media training sessions with over 75 entrepreneurs, helping them grow both their revenue and customer base. In 2016, she also built the communications and public relations departments for one of the largest social retail companies in the United States, LuLaRoe. Realizing the importance of brand integrity and maintaining brand awareness, Nikki used her media training to coach LuLaRoe Retailers for their own publicity, while also producing the brand’s first podcast highlighting business owners from around the nation; which in turn, built LuLaRoe’s digital leadership position as it grew from zero to $2 billion in five years.

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