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How to Increase Your Shopify Site Speed

Nobody likes a slow website. Modern times are all about immediate results, and if shoppers don't get them, they'll leave your site in the dust in favor of your competition. To prevent this from occurring, ecommerce website design company, Huemor, discusses how to optimize your Shopify site to make it faster than ever. Find out how you can get a lightning fast Shopify store below:

• Understand Your Performance Metrics. It's important to know how fast your site is performing and why it's performing at that speed. Pingdom is your go-to tool for assessing your website's load time and hunting down any bottlenecks. Simply typing your URL into the Pingdom tool will give you a comprehensive analysis of your site, providing a series of optimizations you can make to improve the performance speed.

• Address Mobile Users. Utilize AMP, or Accelerated Mobile Pages, on your website to allow mobile users to quickly access your site on the go. More than 50% of online shoppers shop from their mobile phones, so making sure your Shopify website is tailored to mobile users is essential to having a successful ecommerce website.

Reduce the Number of Apps Installed. It's easy to get carried away with Shopify apps, as they are so easy to install and apply to your website. However, too many apps cause your website to lag, even when not in use. Reduce your website's HTTP requests by limiting the number of apps you have installed and work to prioritize the apps you know are essential to your Shopify site, getting rid of the rest. Once this is done, you'll see an immediate improvement in loading speed.

• Compress Your Images. Optimizing your images for speed is important when developing quick web pages. This can be done by compressing your images for faster loading pages, but keep in mind the quality of the image while doing so. Replacing all images on your site with optimized versions will dramatically improve your website speed.

• Pick a Fast Theme. This may be a no-brainer, but some Shopify themes are known to be faster than others. Test a few before deciding on one, perhaps utilizing Google insights to see how the site theme performs. The top 3 themes to use are Kingdom, California, and New Standard, but there are many others offering solid Google insight scores that ensure your site has a fast foundation to build page speed.

Having a fast Shopify website is essential for ecommerce success. Take these tips into consideration and offer your customers a refreshingly fast site with some beautiful visuals to help close the sale.